About Me

Classically trained, abstract landscape artist Caroline Morgan draws inspiration from the natural world around her. After receiving her BFA in 2012, Morgan has gone on to become a successful international artist. Within the U.S. Caroline has shown in numerous galleries, up and down the east coast. Travel has created new subjects for Caroline to paint all over the globe. Victoria, Canada, however, has become a particular favorite subject within her work. Caroline is also known for her birch tree paintings, inspired by the Adirondacks in the northeast United States.

Landscape painting, for Morgan, is not just a way to depict the world around her, rather a method of interpreting the world. As she recalls her travels, she transforms images of the natural world into a new fragmented surface of abstract shapes, painterly colors and textures and sudden perspective breaks. Throughout her career, Morgan has continued to experiment with new techniques and colors palettes, continually pushing and growing her style. By introducing a new, unique and personal meaning to a place, the work opens up an opportunity for the viewer to see the landscape in a new light.

Artist Statement

Artist Statement.

Every place around the world that is visible to us fits within a system. In my work I use elements of landscape and architecture as starting points in the project of mapping space. I see all the components of the external world installed together like a 3-dimensional puzzle. In analyzing the world, I am trying to simplify it into its essential parts and then re-complicate it through formal and material choices in my work. I take inputs from the natural world and transform them into a new fragmented surface of abstract shapes, textures, and mysterious breaks in perspectives.

I intend for a viewer to sense the presence of the landscape in my work, but to be thrown off by the abnormalities. I want my paintings to sustain interest over a long period, slowly revealing the small-scale worlds and multiple perspectives that exist within the structure of the whole painting. These elements of mystery are intended to keep the viewer caught in a state of questioning: what kind of space is this? What is happening within this environment? Approaching the work, the audience hovers between the familiar and the otherworldly. What is viewed or interpreted is an experience within itself and can be determined by the audience every time these paintings are studied.

Exhibition History

  • April 2012 • “Systems” , Solo Exhibition. Hunt-Cavanaugh Gallery-Providence College; Providence, RI
  • October-December 2013 • “Array Part II”, Group Exhibition, Troy NY
  • November 2013- December 2013 • “Out of the Woods”, Group Exhibition Albany Barn, Albany, NY
  • November 2013-December 2013 • “Festival of Miniatures”, Group Exhibition Sorelle Gallery, Albany NY


  • March 2014- May 2014 • “Thawed Out”, Group Exhibition, Troy, NY
  • March 2014 – May 2014 • ‘First Look’, Group Exhibition Albany Barn, Albany, NY
  • June 2014 • Artist Feature, Sorelle Gallery, Albany NY
  • July 2014 – August 2014 • ‘Hot Fun in the Summertime’, Group Exhibition AJ Dillon Art Gallery, Atlantic Highlands, NJ
  • July 10-13, 2014 • ArtHamptons 2014, Sculpture Fields of Nova’s Ark in Bridgehampton, NY
  • August 2014 • ‘Outside Inside’, Group Exhibition Kings Place, Albany, NY
  • August 2014 • Integrate Arts Festival, Group Exhibition Victoria, BC, Canada
  • October 2014 • ‘HERstory’ Albany Barn, Albany, NY
  • November 2014 • Giclee/Print Show, Group Exhibition, Sorelle Gallery, Albany NY
  • November 2014 • Holiday Miniature Show, Group Exhibition, Sorelle Gallery, Albany NY
  • November 2014 • Invitation International Art Exhibition, Vancouver, BC Canada
  • December 2014 • ‘Gifted’ Holiday Show, Albany Barn, Albany NY


  • February 2015 • 'DE|CONSTRUCT' Sorelle Gallery, New Canaan, CT
  • May 2015 • Solo Exhibition, 8-count studios, Tampa FL
  • June 2015 • 'Cantemporary' Saratoga Springs History Museum, Saratoga, NY


  • February 2016 • Group Exhibition, Chazan Gallery, Providence RI
  • July - August 2016 • 'Mapping Moments' ArtSpace Herndon, Herndon VA
  • July- September 2016 • Solo Exhibition, The Gallery Allentown, Allentown PA
  • September 2016 • Greenpoint Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  • December 2016 • The Artbox Projects, SPECTRUM MIAMI, Miami FL


  • April 2017 • "Fracture" Group Pop Up Show, Troy, NY
  • April 2017 • Art Expo New York Art Fair - Creason's Fine Art Gallery, New York, NY
  • May-June 2017 • "Introspective Concepts of Reality" Alfa Art Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ

Art Fairs

  • Art Hamptons 2014
  • Art Hamptons 2015
  • Art Expo 2016
  • SPECTRUM Miami 2016
  • Art Expo 2017

Gallery Representation

  • William Ris Gallery, Jamesport ,NY
  • Artsy Diva, Bethlehem, PA

Artist in Residence

  • Albany Barn, Albany, NY December 2013 – September 2014

In the Collection of:

  • New World Bistro, Albany NY
  • Blu Stone Bistro, Albany NY
  • Albany Medical Hospital, Albany NY